Round Metal Couplers and Jones-Calthrop (correct for L&B) are now back in stock.

Zamzoodled produce a range of model railway couplings and associated products intended for 7mm scale (1:43.5) although they have also been used for GN15 etc. The couplings are designed to replicate the chopper (Norwegian) type buffer-couplers as used on many narrow gauge railways. However unlike the prototype all the styles are designed to be compatible with each other. These model couplers will support automatic coupling and several means of manual and automatic uncoupling. See the About page for more details.

"We hope these products will become the accepted standard for models built hereafter that purport to anything approaching prototype accuracy … From now on, if they suit your chosen prototype, you should use these exemplary products, which we cannot praise more highly."
Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review October 2011

"[these] represent brilliant value, especially considering the visual improvement these will make to a model compared to any of the traditional types of coupling normally used"

Railway Modeller March 2013

These are scale model parts not suitable for children. They require careful preparation and setting up to work reliably. It is assumed the modeller will be reasonably skilled in filing, drilling, soldering etc. Most castings are produced in nickel silver which is fairly robust and can be easily blackened. A small amount of cleaning up/fettling and drilling out of fine holes should be expected. All instructions are available for download on the Resources Page.

Please note I am working away from home a lot these days which means it can be a few days before I despatch any orders.

More information and videos of the couplers in operation can be found here.

Please contact me in advance if you are thinking about placing a large order especially if you are happy to pay by bank transfer as this avoids the significant PayPal charges.