FCSQ - Combined Square Coupler/Flexible Fitting 4 Pairs

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7mm scale (1:43.75) one piece square face working flexible coupler fitting. These are a more of a functional design produced in a flexible plastic dyed a brownish/black which has a slightly rough finish. I would recommend the metal couplers for for showcase models. This coupler will couple with all other Zamzoodled design chopper couplings.

The pack contains 4 pairs of fittings (enough for 4 locos, wagons etc.) with 4 choppers, 4 pins and soft iron wire required for assembly. Note the couplers are usually used single ended, in which case the locos, wagons etc. must all face the same way. SPCH spare choppers* are available if you want one at each end.

The fittings require a square hole in the bufferbeam. Assembly instructions with details on tools/materials required and fixing methods can be found on the Instructions page.

*available separately.