Please use the following links to download instructions:

Zamzoodled Metal Coupler Instructions (PDF) v1.9 Jan 2016 NEW VERSION - covers CCJC & CCRN

Zamzoodled Combined Coupler/Fitting Instructions (PDF) v1.2 Jan 2016 NEW PRODUCT>- covers FCSQ & FCRN

Zamzoodled Height Gauge Instructions (PDF) v1.0 Nov 2011 - covers all height gauges

Zamzoodled DIY Manual Uncoupler (PDF) v1.0 Dec 2011

Note these files are large (approx 1-1.5MB) and may take time to download


Potential coupling issues (PDF) - some correspondence on coupling issues Jan 2013

Close coupling

Faced with a challenge of how to fit couplers to a Hudson bogie wagon I adapted a pair of round couplers to use a vertical pivot and phosphor bronze spring as shown below. This may suggest an alternative approach.