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Zamzoodled Metal Coupler Instructions (PDF) v1.9 Jan 2016 NEW VERSION - covers CCJC & CCRN

Zamzoodled Combined Coupler/Fitting Instructions (PDF) v1.2 Jan 2016 NEW PRODUCT>- covers FCSQ & FCRN

Zamzoodled Height Gauge Instructions (PDF) v1.0 Nov 2011 - covers all height gauges

Zamzoodled DIY Manual Uncoupler (PDF) v1.0 Dec 2011

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Potential coupling issues (PDF) - some correspondence on coupling issues Jan 2013

S Scale East African Railways

A customer Richard has adapted some CCJC couplings for use on his S Scale East African Railways models - he writes:

You may recall that I am using your couplings on S scale East African Railways models and the prototypes have hooks on both ends of the vehicles I intended to use the coupling with the adjusters on locomotives as they look quite close to the prototype so fitting a hook to this was essential from my point of view.
I enclose a picture of a pair of your couplings suitably abused.
The robustness of the couplings and the fact that they are nickel silver makes a modification quite straight forward. Firstly I cut through the adjusters at the back end, the end away from the coupler face, and gingerly bent them so that I could drill the coupling shaft. After drilling for the pin, if I recall correctly 0.6mm, the pin was inserted through the shaft and hook and cut and dressed off. The adjusters were then straightened and soldered on the underside to the shaft. The pin does not need to be soldered in position as the straightened adjuster retains it adequately.
As only one hook is necessary for coupling, one of an adjacent pair is left in the upright position, relieving the slot on the upper side of the shaft may allow the hook to sit back or it could be secured with a spot of Blue-Tac on the underside.
I like your couplings and the fact that they can be modified in this way certainly adds to their value.

Close coupling

Faced with a challenge of how to fit couplers to a Hudson bogie wagon I adapted a pair of round couplers to use a vertical pivot and phosphor bronze spring as shown below. This may suggest an alternative approach.