HGcust - Custom Height Gauge special order only

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Height gauges assist with the setting out and adjustment of Zamzoodled couplers. Custom gauges can be produced for any track gauge between 9mm and 35mm and coupling centre height between 5mm and 25mm. Please contact Zamzoodled if you require gauges outside of this range.

The gauge will be produced from 3D printed resin. The square hole at the front is designed to take a standard coupler shaft (which must be filed to fit without force). The gauge is supplied with a removable plastic gauge containing a steel pin which is designed to assist with setting out the exact position on the buffer beam and also gauging the hole for the CFLB L&B coupler bases. It can be stowed in the side of the gauge when not in use.

IMPORTANT Please specifiy track gauge and the height of the centre line of coupler above rail top in mm. I will then produce a design and dimesioned drawing which I will confirm with you before manufacture. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

WARNING! All gauges have a small shaft containing a sharp steel pin which could easily be swallowed or cause injuries. Keep out of reach of children. Please read instructions.