CFFF - Flexible Fixings 4 Pairs

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Flexible fixings for use with all metal Zamzoodled chopper couplings.

The pack contains 8 fixings (enough for 4 locos, wagons etc.) in flexible plastic. These are designed to be permanently fixed with a screw etc.* on the inside of the rolling stock buffer beam in the exact centre at the correct height and the coupler inserted into the fixing pocket though a slot in the buffer beam. These fixings are the ideal choice if you are converting rolling stock fitted with Kadees as the central fixing hole can be reused.

Assembly instructions with details on tools/materials required and fixing methods can be found on the Instructions page.

*Note 10BA bolts or 2mm self tapping screws of about 5mm-6mm long and appropriate washers will also be required for fixing - these are not supplied.

See products CFPA and CFLB for alternative fixings.