Welcome to Zamzoodled

Zamzoodled was born during nearly 30 years on my long term project - the Pentewan Light Railway. I wanted scale couplings that looked correct for British prototypes but also worked - they had to - the PLR has an 85ft circuit with a long 1 in 28 spiral climb, reverse curves, and superelevation used throughout.

Please look at the gallery where there are videos of them in operation, and look at the descriptions of the products and please read the instructions on how to use them. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Round Coupler Castings have arrived

A large bag of round coupler and additional chopper castings has arrived, so I have allowed them to be ordered again - when I mark a product as in stock it means it is! That said, it is going to take a bit time to prepare them for sale so if I have a rush of orders there may be a delay before they get despatched. 

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